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Flood Insurance

Humphries Flood Insurance

Humphrey Insurance, Inc., offers Flood Insurance coverage through American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida.

Florida Flood Insurance

Are you covered for flood damage? If you do not have a flood insurance policy, then the answer is no. Fortunately, flood insurance is straight forward. In 1968, the United States Congress established a federal program known as the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and it guarantees insurance coverage regardless of the level of risk of flooding. The NFIP established uniform rates dependent upon flood zones. As you might guess, the State of Florida faces significant risk of floods in large part due to its relative sea level and risk of hurricanes. Therefore, no matter where you live, you will receive the same rate for the same coverage regardless of what company provides the insurance policy. Humphrey Insurance, Inc., can provide the answers to your level of risk as well as the coverage you will want in order to achieve peace of mind. Please contact our office to learn more about flood insurance. Use the link below to obtain a quote or call our agents directly – 813-321-8686. Get a Quote!